Supply Chain & Logistics

Order Management System (OMS)

OMS automate the entire order processing lifecycle, encompassing order entry, inventory management, order tracking, and integration with other enterprise systems like CRM and ERP.

Why Different?

Our platform provides multiwarehouse support with adaptive realtime inventory management, supported by dynamic sourcing & allocation algorithms.


OMS implementation might lead to a 10-20% increase in sales revenue due to improved order accuracy


– Multi-tenant, Cloud-Native SaaS Solution (PBC) – Enterprise Inventory Management
  •  Multi-warehouse support
  • Complex Invenyory Rules
  • Super Fast ATP Management
– Advanced Order Sourcing Management
  • Generic Algorithms By Rule Engine
  • Highly Customizable & Extensible
– Order Card Management
  • Automatic Split & Cancel Rules
– Omnichannel Fulfillment (Fullfil Everywhere)
– In store Order & Sales Applications
  • Card Present Payment
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