Free your front-end and bring any commerce experience to life. 

Embrace commerce possibilities beyond the web — a world where any device or channel can become shoppable – from mobile apps, chatbots and social media to virtual assistants, mirrors, cars, the IoT, and whatever new technology is to come.

Headless Commerce made for speed and scalebility.

 Regardless of work being done on the backend, your solution delivers exceptional customer experiences on the frontend. Headless automatically scales, adapts, and grows as your business grows. 

Break Free from a Code-Based Approach

With a disconnected CMS, you get greater frontend design freedom and connectivity without disrupting backend functionality. Create a best-in-class experience without worrying about disrupting the backend.


Sell and Fulfill From Anywhere

Connect all your stores and warehouses, deliver more convenience to customers by turning stores into distribution centers that support in-store pickup and ship from store.

Optimize inventory allocation, order routing by leveraging  Disrtibured Order Management System thus increase fulfillment efficieny. 

Seamless Experience

Unify and consolidate all commerce channels offering consistent experience all within a consolidated platform.

Transform your in-store shopping experience. Increase sales by empowering your store associates to access and sell inventory from any other store or fulfillment channel.

B2C Commerce

  • Supports Global Commerce Expansion & New Business Models
    • Full Multi enabled (multi site, multi country, channel, sub-channel, multi currency, multi price, multi warehouse & Store)
    • Unified Commerce (Full omnichannel capability)
    • Marketplace Man. Platform (Seller), B2B Supported
    • Marketplace (Operator) & other b2b2c models
  • High Perform & Scalable Platform
    • Cloud native, containerized auto scale structure
    • Jam stack architecture 
    • Advanced caching mechanism,
    • Search & Navigation on Elastic
    • Functional Uptime >%99,99
    • FCP loading time <1,2 sn.
  • Extensible & Customizable
    • Decoupled UI
    • Rule Engine, Workflow engine integrated
    • Event & Action Architecture
    • Plugin & Mediator acrchitecture
  • Super Flexible Catalog Structure
    • Every element  of commerce (Products, prices, campaigns, contents, payment & delivery methods, contracts etc.) can be combined in anyway according to customer segment, shopping channel, delivery & sourcing locations. 
  • End2End Solution with Complementary PBCs
    • PIM & Catalog Management
    • Payment Gateway  &  Fraud Management
    • Distributed Order Management (OMS)
    • Warehouse Manegement System (WMS)
    • Store Operations Management
    • Tranportation Management System (TMS)
  • Flexible Campaign & WCMS
    • Flexible campaign, page and content management systems
  • Advanced SEO
    • Support for latest developments
    • Manageable content & redirects
    • Highest page speed scores
  • Application Framework (IOS, Android)
    • Native aplications
    • Advanced API Structure
    • Advanced WCMS


  • Advanced B2B Customer Card Management
    • Workflow integrated
    • Branch and multi-account hierarcy supported
  • B2C Shopping Experience with Fast, Ergonomic Order Entry
  • Punch Out Capability 
  • Complex Catalog Support 
    • Customer segment based product list, price, campaign, content
  • CPQ Capability
  • Return & Refund Management
  • Customer Segment Based Order Workflow


  • End2End  Management in Single Platform
    • The healthiest integration to all marketplaces from a single point
    • Maximized assortment avaliability, minimized stock outs and penalties
  • Advanced Integration & Orchestration  Hub
    •  Dynamic API Call according to velocity of order, inventory, price, product 
    • Advanced safety stock management by sales channels and product hierarcy
    • Offline sales mode
  • Auoto Fix Layer
    •  Detects & fix inventory, price, order, product, status differences
  • Advanced Mapping Management
    • No need for product level definition
  • Detailed Renconciliation Module 
    • Delays, Cancelations, Payments,  Returns
  • Intelligent Sales Channel Prioritization for Profit Maximization (soon)
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