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Transportation Management System (TMS)

TMS cover tasks such as route planning, carrier selection, freight rate negotiation, shipment tracking, and performance analytics. TMS integrates with other systems to streamline transportation processes, reduce shipping costs, improve delivery accuracy.

Why Different?

It supports Shipment from multiple location, Shipment to multiple location, Partial Shipments One Shipment multiple parcel and successfully integrates with other OMS and ERP systems.


TMS can lead to cost savings of 10-20% in transportation expenses through optimization of routes, carrier selection, load consolidation and 20% in delivery performance.


– Multi-tenant, Cloud-Native SaaS Solution (PBC)
– Integration Hub For All Courriers
– Checkout Services (Customer Choice)
– Shipment Dispatch Services (Seller choice)
  • Rule Based (Including Any Elements Of Order)
  • Performance Based
– Label Service
– Return Management (RMA)
– Tracking & Reporting
– Reconciliation
  • Performance SLA &Cost
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