Core Commerce

Headless Content Management System

CMS provides a toolset facilitating the creation, organization, and distribution of e-commerce-related content. It manages product details, pricing, media assets, and promotional materials, optimizing the digital storefront experience.

Why Different?

It allows users to efficiently organize, update, and distribute content across various digital channels, ensuring a seamless and consistent shopping experience for customers.


It can lead to a improvement of customer experience up to 20% and cost savings ranging from 25% to 40% in content production and management.


  • Multi-tenant, Cloud-Native SaaS Solution (PBC)
  • Headless Architecture Supporting Any UI Type
  • Open-Source Powered
  • Staging & Version Control
  • Asset / Media Management
  • Advanced SEO Features
  • Extensions and Plugin Management
  • Performance Optimization
  • Analytics and Reporting
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